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Being at Bayfest San Diego | Top Shelf Reggae

There's nothing like a family reunion. Now imagine one without any family drama, surrounded by endless familiar faces on a beautiful day sprawled across the breathtaking lawns of San Diego's Embarcadero Marina Park North, with the monumental Coronado Speedway looming in the distance, boats passing by on the water and the palatial highrises of the Gaslamp standing guard just beyond the stage. That was the setting of the first ever Bayfest San Diego: a single day celebrating the best in reggae rock, with most of the performing acts gracing a hometown audience. The weather was temperate, almost a little too toasty for the first time since 'May Gray' took over the city a month prior. It's like the weather gods knew June 1st was something to be regailed.

Bayfest was unique… it wasn't like any other SD fest.

Starting off the solo music stage was Band of Gringos, with San Diego art hero Jimmy Ovadia live painting enthusiastically stage right. It's not a show without some live art and Ovadia always entertains, sometimes as much as the players themselves. Busting out a Jimmy Hendrix cover at the end of their set, Band Of Gringos exited the stage as a deejay took over the live music lapse. Time to mingle and see who else in your possé had showed up. Bayfest was unique… it wasn't like any other SD fest. With Slightly Stoopid at night, naturally, Stoopidheads were out in full force — and so were OBcians! With Ocean Beach, Stoopid's homebase, a skip and a jump due north of Seaport Village, the eight miles to Bayfest was a distance OBcians could work with. Most don't leave the bubble without proper incentive. OB-based Seedless Clothing was also in the house (Kyle McDonald's main choice of attire), as well as renowned OB deejays Unite and Green T. Those two have been spinning in OB over 10 years now, most notably at Ocean Boogie, a monthly dance party that has riled up the locals since 2010. Speaking of OB events, nothing makes Market Day without stopping by Winstons' 'Reggae Wednesday' nights to say hi to DJ Carlos Culture, now heard bumping his rootsy selection across the city every Sunday on Alt 94.9's Bob Radio morning hours. Now do you see what I mean when I said it was a family reunion? After living in OB a decade and working in the niche reggae-rock scene for a decade, Bayfest brought everyone out of the woodwork to party in one place… and not a single soul was upset about it.

Don Carlos might not have been local, but he was definitely welcomed like one. His spry dance moves, despite his age, always gets the crowd ecstatic. HIRIE walked onto the stage next with her trademark six-inch heels, ready to skank and jump around in them like she always does. The boys accompanying her onstage were on point too, relishing in the amount of love they were receiving from the audience. And, what a crowd it was. Stretching all the way back to the festival gates, people were packed in to see HIRIE in action, some rocking at the front lines while others were sitting down in shaded areas to conserve energy. Kids were running around in the VIP and backstage areas, climbing trees that had sprouted up all over the grounds and playing tag to the reggae tunes. Fortunate Youth was up next, prompting weed smoke to waft in the air ever denser. The whole event was sponsored by San Diego's Golden State Greens dispensary, after all. (On that note, a running joke happened all day, which I found personally hilarious. In between every set, emcees wished Golden State Greens' commander Heidi Rising a happy birthday over the mic without it being her birthday. Like, at all. It was nowhere near her birthday.)

Back to the music, there are almost innumerable reasons why I love Fortunate Youth. Talent aside, it's one great group of men. They love each other. They love their wives and kids. They especially love their fans. Bayfest marked 10 years — to the day — that Fortunate Youth has been a band. Saying that they were in a celebratory mood about that feat would be a total understatement. During the show, a few instances not only made my heart overflow, but reaffirmed my stance on the band being commendable above others. First off, guitarist Greg continuously pulled his little girl out from the side stage to sing and play, once bringing out her and a friend and holding the two on his shoulders as he played guitar without missing a beat. That was impressive as much as it was precious. Those little girls knew every word by heart, too. Now, the second thing really struck me in wonderment. In the middle of one of the songs, a festivalgoer needed medical attention. People were shouting for a medic at the front of the crowd and security rushed over, ready to assist. “WATER”, the faint guy's friends were shouting. Before the security guard could turn around, up walked percussionist Travi Bongo — mid-song, mind you — to hand the guy his personal bottle of water off the stage. Tour manager Mikey D took the reigns next, instructing from side stage for people to create a walkway so that the guy could escape the sardined crowd. FY is unlike any other. Tribal Seeds' Gonzo even did a sweet duet with Dan Kelly to “Sweet Love” before the set was through.

And, of course, Tribal Seeds was another band on the rundown with hometown love going on. San Diegans take pride in Tribal Seeds, knowing they represent the city as much as the California reggae scene. With horns and hyped mannerisms, Tribal Seeds played into the evening as the sun set. It was hard to move around within the grounds at this point; everyone had pushed close together, ready to get Stoopid. Walking around backstage, the boys of Stick Figure were inexplicably attending, not to mention Jurassic 5's Chali 2na. You didn't have to be a genius to put together what was about to happen onstage.

Slightly Stoopid took the stage to a crowd gone crazy…

Slightly Stoopid took the stage to a crowd gone crazy, all shouting every lyric to new and old songs alike. Just as I premonitioned, Stick joined the Stoopid boys about five songs in: Scott Woodruff on the mic and KBong played keys beside Stoopid's Paul Wolstencroft. I rarely see those two bands collab… right after seeing both of them perform solo at Cali Roots, no less. The surprises kept coming at Bayfest as Chali 2na did his signature Stoopid song, “Higher Now”. Looking out on the crowd, you couldn't spy one person having a bad time. As the festival attendees dispersed, mainly back to beach cities or Don Carlos' afterparty at Music Box, the general consensus was hope for another Bayfest next year. Let's face it, reggae rock fests are always welcome in America's Finest City! 

Photography by Sean McCracken

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SUNDUB drops ‚ÄėBurden of Love‚Äô LP | Top Shelf Reggae

Brooklyn-based band SUNDUB has officially dropped their debut album! Since formulating their smooth sound in 2013, these east coast reggae soldiers have been committed to spreading the good vibrations embedded in roots and Jamaican ska music to the masses, evident in their inaugural Burden of Love album. Available as of today on all digital outlets, Burden of Love transmits positive affirmations from start to finish. After premiering their lead single and the album's title track back in April with Top Shelf Music, SUNDUB has proven to their fans that this LP — six years in the making — is well worth the wait.

SUNDUB has proven to their fans that this LP — six years in the making — is well worth the wait.

Beginning with a jazzy flair paired to a reggae beat, the initial track “Burn Down The Place” introduces listeners to what SUBDUB brings to the table — everything. We've “got the potion to heal your wounds” and the party to rage into the night. “[We just now] need an army to complete the cause we're after,” sings SUNDUB lead singer Joanna Teters. Will you join the cause? Judging from the first track, your curiousity should be peaked. The second song “Close To Me” furthers this reassuring vibe, saying if something's good, you should stand by it. Whether that be a cause, a person or a place, feel good vibes should abound. 

The title track “Burden of Love” falls third in line, with contributions from Easy Star All Stars' Chronic Horns and Larry McDonald. Considering the track was mixed by Steel Pulse's Sidney Mills, you know it has to be a banger. Detailing the dark side of love (longing for another), “Burden of Love” spins a shadow to the fairytale relationship. It's not always sunshine and rainbows. Speaking of sunshine, “Light” and “Rising Sun” is enough to chase any clouds away when feeling down. The track “Mt. Zion” is also a song about how someone can be your deliverance, your “sunshine on me brightening up my day”. SUNDUB is not shy to the subject of romance and companionship. The LP ends in true reggae style with a dub version of the title track, “Burden of Dub”. With the synths and reverb turned high, this dubby outro will definitely leave you wanting more.

SUNDUB is celebrating their album with a release party tonight in Brooklyn! Can't make it? No worries. Burden of Love is out everywhere online, so stream or purchase your copy today. For more information, visit the links below or visit www.sundubmusic.com.

Purchase or stream Burden of Love album:

Track listing:

  1. Burden Down The Place
  2. Close To Me
  3. Burden of Love
  4. Light
  5. Mt. Zion
  6. Won't Go Easy
  7. Coming Up Ahead, feat. Ruff Scott
  8. Rising Sun
  9. Burden of Dub

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Last chance to attend Rancid’s Bash Festival | Top Shelf Reggae

In February of 2019, Rancid announced their plans for The Bash Fest 2019, a craft beer and punk rock festival reaching some of the biggest cities for punk rock in the United States, including Phoenix, Tuscon, Englishtown, Boise, Tacoma, San Jose and, finally, Sacramento. The Bash Fest lineup will make your rebellious teenage heart skip a beat, featuring bands Suicidal Tendencies, Pennywise, L7, Madball, H20, Sharp Shock, Noise and even The Mighty Mighty Bosstones! The lineup varies by city although Rancid is set to headline all cities on the festival's tour schedule. 

The Bash Fest lineup will make your rebellious teenage heart skip a beat…

So, back to the beer! Bash Fest is featuring over 100 brews and your ticket includes unlimited tastings from doors opening at noon till 4pm. That means you get access to four hours of some very DECENT sized, unlimited, local brew samples. Sounds great right? (Psst, if you buy a VIP ticket, you get early entry to the festival grounds for that extra hour!) Don’t forget to check out the Ska Brewing tent while your crew skanks through the beer garden. Ska Brewing has actually partnered with Rancid to create their own beer titled 'Brew Stomper'. This is the official beer of Bash Fest and Tim Armstrong even did all the artwork featured on the cans/bottles! 

One of our favorite things about this festival is the variety of music. Not only do you have this stacked lineup of multi-genre artists, but Bash Fest even thought to set up the Hellcat Acoustic stage where Boss Hooligan will be spinning some classic reggae, punk and ska beats between 12 and 4pm. We’ve also been told that some special unannounced live guest performances will occur on the Hellcat stage, so be sure to get to the festival grounds early so you can catch the surprise!

We here at Top Shelf Music will be attending the Sacramento show taking place this June 16th at Papa Murphy's Park. Below are the set times for Sacramento, so you don’t miss a beat!! In the Sacramento area and want to join us at Bash Fest? Check out the links below to grab your tickets before it's too late!

Stream The Bash Festival 2019 official Spotify playlist

The Bash Festival 2019 preview:

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A chat with The Late Ones at California Roots 2019 | Top Shelf Reggae

Top Shelf Music journalist Kristy Rose sits down with The Late Ones, a hip hop meets island reggae trio out of Hawaii, at California Roots 10 ahead of their late night afterparty performance in Monterey, California. With a new single available as of that day, The Late Ones were excited to share music, upcoming summer plans and details of a full-length album on the horizon.

For more on The Late Ones, visit the links below and don't forget to check out their latest single “Tell Me Not”, out now!

Purchase or stream “Tell Me Not” single:

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The Cali Roots X-perience | Top Shelf Reggae

In 2014, I attended the 5th Annual California Roots Festival for the first time when I was still in high school. The only person I knew there was my best friend who I went with and my mom who drove us. After three days at the festival, we left with a ton of new friends and the feeling that we had just been a part of something extremely special. Fast forward six years and I have just arrived home from my 6th year in a row attending the fest. I still felt that magical feeling in the air from the first time I went, except this time, I knew a lot more than two people.

Over all the years, Cali Roots has kept its grassroots vibe …

Over all the years, Cali Roots has kept its grassroots vibe while still working to improve the overall experience. When I walk through those festival gates each year, I know I will be greeted with endless smiling faces, from the fans to the performers (and even the security guards), and knowing I will be leaving with more Cali Roots family members than the year before. This year was the 10th Annual Cali Roots and the festival really outdid itself. From the art retreat to the fashion zone to the pop-up acoustic sets and, of course, the stacked lineup of musical performances, California Roots Music & Arts Festival has done an amazing job of creating a space where people can feel free to truly be themselves.

This year, Day One started off with For Peace Band, who flew all the way from their home island of Guam to grace the stage and get the weekend started early. This was their first 'official' Cali Roots performance, but I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more from these boys in the future! We arrived just in time to catch the legendary Don Carlos on The Bowl stage. Not only was his performance tight as ever, but I think it’s safe to say that although Uncle Don was the oldest performer of the weekend, he had the best dance moves at Cali Roots this year. Up next was The Skints, another band that flew in all the way from London to be with us in Monterey. Currently leading the movement of modern reggae in the UK, The Skints brought high energy to the crowd and had everyone up and skankin' to their reggae, dub, ska, hip hop and even punk rock beats. A truly versatile band! They were followed by a nice change of pace, Citizen Cope, who blessed the Cali Roots Stage with his soulful blues, folk and rock vibes. Legendary roots reggae band also from the UK, Steel Pulse, came out with one of the most upfull sets of the day. They had the crowd re-energized, dancing and singing along to their countless classic songs. The Green rocked the Cali Roots Stage next, with their catchy Hawaiian tunes followed by adopted hip hop legend by the reggae scene, Atmosphere. Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals closed out Day One on the Cali Roots Stage with a set that impressed the crowd with their bluesy rythyms and intricate guitar skills.

Day One was extra memorable for a couple reasons. Back in 2014, when I first attended Cali Roots, my friend and I got gifted a CD from a band we had never heard of. The whole way home we bumped their CD and fell in love with the music. The album happened to be Burial Ground by Stick Figure. Six years later, we got to watch them headline Cali Roots with an epic performance. It is truly amazing to see how far this band has come!

Day Two is always special: the energy is buzzing from the previous day and fans still have the whole next day to look forward to. With no end in sight, Roots of a Rebellion got things underway on the CR stage. After their morning coffee, fans moved to The Bowl to catch Jo Mersa Marley. Exuding talent from the Marley bloodline, Mersa captured the crowd and greeted The Bowl with an oh-so-familiar energy. Original songs and timeless anthems from his grandfather, Bob Marley, rang out in a way that livened up The Bowl stage for the rest of the afternoon. More festivalgoers funneled in as Iya Terra prepared for their set. By the time they began, fans were out in full force. The Bowl was packed as the sounds of their modern-day roots reggae music filled the air. They shocked the crowd by mixing things up with a twist of dubstep in their song “Love and Respect” and the crowd went absolutely wild for it. They also played a brand new, unreleased song “Wash Away” off their up and coming album.

Fans rushed back over to the Cali Roots stage to catch The Movement who featured special guests, KBong, Scott Woodruff and Cocoa the Tour Dog of Stick Figure. The Expendables kept things rocking into the evening followed by Pepper, who brings a raging party wherever they go. Both bands brought an intensity you could feel from the opposite side of the festival grounds. Meanwhile, G. Love and Special Sauce got things funky on the CR Stage with their laidback blues and hip hop tunes. A huge highlight of not only Day Two, but the entire weekend, was an incredible performance by multi-instrumentalist, one-person-band, Tash Sultana. Tash’s soulful voice radiated throughout The Bowl, which was packed front to back, and although she's just one person, Tash kept the crowd entertained as if there was a full eight-piece band onstage. Switching from guitar to trumpet to keyboards to mandolin to flute and more, her insane talent and overall cool vibe had the festival talking about her set the rest of the weekend. Protoje, leader of the ‘reggae revivalist’ movement in Jamaica, took us into the evening with another unforgettable performance. Day Two headliners were Cali Roots veterans Dirty Heads on the CR Stage and Slightly Stoopid on the Bowl Stage — the perfect end to another successful day of music.

Rebelution closed out the final day of Cali Roots X and it was nothing short of incredible.

Day Three started out rainy and cold, but, like clockwork, the sun came out just as festivalgoers arrived back for the third and final day of music. So much goodness blessed our ears and eyes this weekend and there was still a whole entire day left. This day might have been the most stacked lineup out of them all. We arrived just in time to see Xiuhtezcatl, an incredible and, most importantly, socially-conscious 19-year-old musician, share the stage with Nahko Bear who helped sing his song, “Young”. Two artists emerging artists from Jamaica, Kabaka Pyramid and Jesse Royal, got things rolling on The Bowl Stage. I was particularly impressed with Kabaka Pyramid; although his set was at noon on Day Three, he still had the crowd jumping, dancing and singing along with him.

Collie Buddz easily stole the show on Day Three by passing out 1,000 pizzas, trying to feed every single person in the crowd for his set. It was definitely one of the most talked about and memorable things any artist did that weekend. One of my favorite sets of the weekend was Nahko and Medicine For The People. The rain started to pour down again during their set, but there were no worries, as people danced in the rain or shared umbrellas, continuing to sing along to Nahko's oldies, new songs and even some songs unreleased. Alborosie is always a large presence at Cali Roots. His soulful energy and hypnotic lyrical cadence had the crowd swaying and listening intently to his powerful messages. At this point, people were “Still Blazing”, taking “Hits From the Bong”, preparing for Cypress Hill to take over the stage. Tired legs from the long weekend were no issue for fans as they jumped around to their timeless old-school hip hop. Two of the biggest reggae powerhouses in America ended the weekend. SOJA gave a beautiful performance featuring young artists, Xuihtezcatl and violinist Richard Vagner before they brought Nahko back out to join them for one of their hit songs, “I Believe”. SOJA could have easily been the festival headliners, but the night wasn’t over just yet! Rebelution closed out the final day of Cali Roots X and it was nothing short of incredible. From their shredding guitar solos, powerful horn sections and topnotch songwriting, they had the crowd chanting along to every song. The 10th Annual California Roots was one for the books and Top Shelf Music cannot wait for the next 10!

In-article photography by Gia Krietzberg

Cover photography by Sean McCracken

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Exploring The Skints‚Äô new album, ‚ÄėSwimming Lessons‚Äô | Top Shelf Reggae

The Skints are back with their fourth album, Swimming Lessons. The album brings a daintier, uplifting, island-like sound; a definite divergent feel from their their last album, FM. That said, the new full-length LP is still equally reminiscent of the early 90's reggae/punk/alternative scene, with an overall meshing of styles that hit home on many levels.

The album is natural, diverse and explorative…

Swimming Lessons is an excellent mix of various flairs. Members, John Doyle (bass), Jaime Kyriakides (drums/vocals), Josh Waters Rudge (guitar/vocals) and Marcia Richards (keys, sax, flute, melodica, samples, vocals) take turns throughout tracks singing, playing different instruments and flowing effortlessly together. The album is natural, diverse and explorative in a such way that will project The Skints into greater popularity, even amongst non-ska/reggae fans. This fourth album is perfect for summertime with its catchy choruses, relatable lyrics and solid breakdowns. “Learning To Swim” is a mixture of reggae and 90’s alternative that makes you sway your hips in the wind to Marcia’s soothing vocals before headbanging through the next verse.

The album also addresses the trials and tribulations experienced in surviving as independent musicians, with the dichotomy of also playing some of the biggest festivals like Reading and Leeds, Bestival, California Roots and Glastonbury. Another notable track on the album is “Restless”, featuring GRAMMY-nominated Jamaican reggae star Protoje. Blending Channel 1-era rub-a-dub with a British “Ghost Town”-influenced edge, “Restless” confronts everyday lies and broken promises from our politicians and world leaders.

“The laughable nightmare of what’s happening in the offices of the leaders of the 'free world' definitely keeps us awake at night,” says guitarist and vocalist Josh Waters Rudge. “From Downing Street to the White House, this is us venting our 3am thoughts about the wrongdoings and injustices committed by people who are, on paper, there to make people’s lives better.”

When this London-based, 'tropical punk' band flew into my inbox, the lads gained a new fan for life and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, as their loyal fan base continues to prove itself this summer with sold out shows throughtout the band's entire 10-date UK tour, including Shepherd’s Bush Empire, festival slots at Reading and Leeds, Bestival and Glastonbury, even branching over to Top Shelf's side of the pond with a short June tour through LA, San Diego, Redondo Beach and Riverside.

When this London-based, 'tropical punk' band flew into my inbox, the lads gained a new fan for life…

The band cut their teeth in the London ska-punk scene before venturing out to play their first self-booked DIY venture and since then, they've toured extensively across the globe, playing as much as 150 shows a year. That’s good news for us; the chances are high that The Skints will make more appearances in the future. Swimming Lessons meshes reggae, ska/rocksteady, 90’s alternative, punk and even a soul song so coherently. It’s a blast to listen to over and over, whether you’re chilling by the pool or stuck in a SoCal Jeep with no A/C during 5pm traffic on the 405, (yes, that’s when I listened to it the first time and The Skints made me almost ENJOY the time staring at another's front bumper!).

Considering The Skints dub themselves as a 'ska-punk band', with much of their earlier work fitting that reputation, the easy, breezy reggae style is definitely a step out on a limb for them and it works well, showcasing their diverse talents and unique sound. Overall, two thumbs up for getting out of the comfort zone and rockin’ the 'Jah' hat a little harder in this fourth album. Not every band can pull this genre-bending style off… not only have they pulled it off, but I’m on my toes, eagerly waiting to see them do their thing in their flesh! Swimming Lessons by The Skints is out now and you can find the album on all the usual platforms visiting the links below!

Purchase or stream Swimming Lessons album:

Track listing:

  1. Learning To Swim
  2. Restless, feat. Protoje
  3. Gets On Top
  4. New Kind Of Friend
  5. This Is An Interlude
  6. What Did I Learn Today?
  7. Oh My Love
  8. The Island
  9. I'm A Fool
  10. Armageddon, feat. Runkus
  11. Donkey Brain
  12. La La La
  13. Love Is The Devil, feat. Jesse Royal
  14. Stop Looking Back

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Protoje interviews at California Roots 10 | Top Shelf Reggae

The leader of the reggae revival movement himself, Protoje, sits down with Top Shelf Music journalist Kristy Rose following his California Roots 10 performance in Monterey, California. After dropping a single and about to hit the road with Rebelution, Protoje chats what inspires his music, what he's currently binge-watching and more. For more Protoje or California Roots Festival 2019 coverage, visit the links below or explore our Top Shelf site!

Artist links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Inna Vision ‚ÄúSurvivor‚ÄĚ | Top Shelf Reggae

Hawaiian rap-meets-reggae artist Inna Vision is hyping up his latest single “Survivor” off his Best Of: Celebrating A Decade In Vision album with a raw video showcasing a day in the life. The track off Roots Musician Records features a soulfully smooth saxophone throughout, jazzy keys across the bridge, a wailing guitar outro and lyrics that get the listener hooked from start to finish. Inna Vision is a hustler and he isn't shy to say it. “Survivor” illuminates Inna Vision's undying drive to create music, stating he's “making money moves” albeit not doing it for the money. “I pray before I sleep at night // How to keep the dream alive,” chants IV. If his self-motivation ever falters: “Jah Jah get me by” and there's always getting by with a little help from your friends.

Inna Vision isn't afraid to do it all and more, surviving in life as much as the music industry.

Speaking of friends, Inna Vision gets crewed up in the video for “Survivor” filmed in various locations around New York City by Raised Fist Propaganda founder Jeff Pilskin. Bouncing from one spot to the next, the video shines a light on how the struggle is real… yet, also a glorious journey. Of course, there will be setbacks. Good thing your friends have your back when times are tough. Sure, college courses might not fit perfectly into an aspiring musician's repertoire, yet Inna Vision stands rapping in front of a community college building, bookbag poised on shoulders. Inna Vision isn't afraid to do it all and more, surviving in life as much as the music industry. A dog eat dog world only renders inspired art.

Please enjoy the world video premiere of “Survivor” only on our site and for more information on Inna Vision, please visit the links below.

Artist links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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Same Same But Different Fest returns for Year Two | Top Shelf Reggae

The end of summer is a marvelous time for a weekend festival. Combine that with a serene camping getaway, the best in funky, fresh bands and a core group of friends to render yourself one of the greatest experiences. Same Same But Different Festival hit the sandy shores of Lake Perris last year: a secluded spot close enough to get there within hours of any major city, yet far enough to fully escape the harrows of southern California living… at least for a day or two. SSBD Year One was a magical event, no one knowing what the weekend was going to bring upon arrival. Large art installations, a coconut cabana club on the beach, swimming excursions between musical sets and cacao ceremonies taking place between yoga classes. Everyone was welcome; all were kept entertained. Same Same is anything but… and that's its appeal.

Same Same is anything but… and that's its appeal.

With its initial success, early adopters of this rising festival waited patiently to hear not only that SSBD will make a triumphant return, but moreover who will be attached to Year Two. Year One proffered a blend of funk, alternative, hip hop, reggae rock, EDM and just straight up weird. If you've ever witnessed Capyac in action, you would know the level of bizarre we're talking about. After both general admission and VIP packages for Year Two flew off the digital shelves, it was time for the SSBD crew to reveal who will be showcased this upcoming September 20th and 21st back at the Lake Perris Recreational Campgrounds. Let the confetti rain from the sky, for Year Two is something to celebrate. 

Following in the same footsteps as before, SSBD 2 will host headliners that will get you hyped. World music meets alt meets a certain je ne sais quoi band Beats Antique will be closing down alongside “Harlem Shake” bigwig Baauer. The colorful crew of Turkuaz will also join the party, with Exmag, Cofresi, Megan Hamilton, Baby Fuzz, Boostive and Elektric Voodoo. And, like we said, nothing is as 'Different' as Capyac, who will be making a return appearance. More artists on the rundown are Camalia, Equianimous, Aviator Stash, Moves Collective, Chugboat, Coral Bells, Fashion Jackson, AJ Froman, Mimi Zulu, Paige Kohler, Casey Turner Music, Oscar Ceballos, Another Monkey, Subko, Qulture and, of course, co-founder Peter Eichar's band MDRN HSTRY

On performing at the fest, co-founder Brad Sweet comments, “We’re musicians ourselves, so the music always comes first for us, but we strive to create a relaxed, welcoming environment where you can explore, swim, hike and play through the weekend.” Seriously. There is so much to do at this fest that it's virtually impossible to get bored. Between two alternating stages, there is the lake (with a sizable amount of floatables creating an entire hydro community out there) to swim in, paddle board on or (if you're really ballin') boat across. There are interactive art classes, scheduled ceremonies, active excursions and, most importantly, dancing with a coconut in hand. The festival boasts an expansive camping area for tents and RVs alike, so party into the night without worrying about driving home or killing your buzz waiting in a long Uber line. Lastly, SSBD partners with The Social Garden, a non-profit known for their work in setting up urban gardens and promoting education for aggricultural sustainability. 

With all of this and more, Same Same But Different has to be on your festival bucketlist. Turns out, we're not the only ones that feel this way. Tier One Early Bird weekend passes are already sold out for both general admission and VIP. Tier Two Early Bird is underway, with prices starting at $145 for both days. More artists will be added to the lineup, as well! So, snagging tickets now will not only save a buck, but secure your ticket to ride when even more excitement gets thrown into the mix. To buy now, visit the links below or visit www.ssbdfest.com.

Stream the Official SSBD Fest 2019 Spotify playlist

Same Same But Different 2018 official after movie:

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Collie Buddz ‚ÄėHybrid‚Äô album review | Top Shelf Reggae

That sweet, smooth, sexy voice is back! With two years between albums and after months of teasing excited fans by dropping singles, Bermudian reggae singer Collie Buddz has finally released his tantalizing third full-length album Hybrid on May 24th. The follow-up to his 2017 Good Life, this self-produced, written and recorded 10-track album is a perfect blend of Buddz-familiar bold reggae sound, like the track “Love & Reggae” that was released last summer. Collie Buddz stays true to his beliefs while addressing the legalizing of marijuana on the track “Legal Now”, a remix of his 2007 weed smoking anthem “Come Around”. The uplifting track “Everything Blessed” with Tech N9ne adds a rap element to the album, while additional collaborations with Russ, B Young, Ghanaian GRAMMY-nominated singer Stonebwoy and Johnny Cosmic (of Stick Figure) help add new sounds and richness to the album.

The sound of the entire record is purely reflective of Collie Buddz's deep reggae roots combined with his love of different music styles.

The first track on the album “Bank”, featuring B Young and Russ, represents Buddz hip hop influences; you can further feel the Afrobeat brought in by his collaboration with Stonebwoy on the track “Bounce It”. B Young is one of Buddz's favorite artists at the moment and thought he was what was needed for the track. When Russ came to record at Buddz's studio in Oakland, he was played a few tracks off the new album. Immediately upon hearing it, Russ wrote a verse. The sound of the entire record is purely reflective of Collie Buddz's deep reggae roots combined with his love of different music styles. Having produced the album himself, it feels as if there was room for Collie Buddz to explore and show his natural instinct to music, along with the rawness of his lyrics that makes him relatable to fans.

Buddz's recorded music matches the unprecedented energy and vibe that he displays in his live performances — all done with an air of ease and confidence. Hybrid shows the maturity of his music and how that ease and self-confidence have propelled him as an artist, earning him the respect of fellow musicians demonstrated by his ability to draw in various artists to contribute to the album. Hybrid is a solid album from start to finish, one that you want to listen to over and over again. It's perfect for that summer vacation road trip to your favorite festival.

Collie Buddz has been hitting the tour scene hard since the release of Good Life, entertaining longtime fans and winning over new ones at the many reggae festivals around the country like Summer Jam, Reggae on the Rocks and the California Roots Festival. In addition to touring festivals, he has toured as an opening act for amazing bands such as Rebelution, Matisyahu and Zion I. Be sure to catch up with Collie Buddz this summer as he continues to entertain fans with songs from the new album, as well as fan favorites!

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Track listing:

  1. Bank, feat. B Young & Russ
  2. Love & Reggae
  3. Legal Now
  4. Bounce It, feat. Stonebwoy
  5. Show Love
  6. Callaloo, feat. Dizzy Wright
  7. The Feeling, feat. Johnny Cosmic
  8. Everything Blessed, feat. Tech N9ne
  9. Love is Life
  10. Time Flies, feat. Russ

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