Celebrating 420 with Slightly Stoopid at the Hard Rock Las Vegas | Top Shelf Reggae

Slightly Stoopid, Common Kings and Fortunate Youth… I don’t think you could come up with a better lineup for a 420 show in Las Vegas! Stoopidheads and Fortunate Fools congregated in Vegas to celebrate the stoner holiday and see their favorite bands. It was amazing seeing so many friends from around the country come together in one place to have a great time!

It was amazing seeing so many friends from around the country come together…

The night started out with Fortunate Youth coming out and getting the crowd ready for a night of fun and dancing. Ozzie (We Should Smoke) joined the boys onstage with his quarter-pound bats that filled the stage with smoke. Then, GRAMMY-nominated hip hop meets reggae band Common Kings came out and lit the stage up with fire they bring to every performance. This night was no different. Last, but not least, Slightly Stoopid played an amazing set. It wouldn’t be a 420 show without Marlon “Ganja Farmer” Asher, who joined Stoopid onstage. Overall, it was an outstanding night with three 420-friendly bands and hundreds of great friends!

Photography by Sean McCracken

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LIVE STREAM: BeachLife Festival 2019 | Top Shelf Reggae

Enjoy BeachLife Festival 2019 in the comfort of your home! Tune in May 3rd through 5th to catch sets by Bob Weir & The Wolf Brothers, The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, Willie Nelson, Slightly Stoopid, Jason Mraz, Steel Pulse and so many more! Top Shelf Music has your back and big ups to Livelist for the stream.

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Lissie at LA’s Largo at The Coronet | Top Shelf Reggae

A small, quaint theater with crushed red velvet curtains, soft white lights, a rustic upright piano, a mic stand, a stool and a glass of red wine. The intimate venue of Largo at The Coronet in Los Angeles was the perfect place for Lissie to kick off her When I’m Alone: The Piano Retrospective Tour. Ecstatic fans, who purchased the meet-and-greet package arrived early for the chance to hug Lissie before the show. Shortly after, excited fans packed the small theater to hear piano versions of their favorite Lissie songs.

Coming back to the Largo was quite nostalgic for Lissie, as she had played the venue almost a decade ago.

Lissie, originally from Illinois, came to California by way of Colorado after being kicked out of high school. A bit naïvely, Lissie was sure she would make it in the music scene when she arrived in Los Angeles, making music that was deep and truthful with a voice that reflects raw emotions of those moments. Nearly one month after releasing When I’m Alone: The Piano Retrospective, Lissie took to the strange sans her guitar, accompanied by spectacular pianist Jo Dudderidge. The Largo's space was a perfect acoustic backdrop, allowing for the depth and reach Lissie’s voice can hit — many times not needing the microphone to have her exquisite voice heard. Jo and Lissie’s voices harmonized beautifully with each song. 

Used to standing behind her guitar, Lissie was able to move freely about the stage, even coming down into the crowd! She graced fans with songs like “Don’t You Give Up On Me”, “Castles”, “Love Blows” and, of course, “When I’m Alone”. Quite the storyteller; Lissie shared that a lot of her inspiration lyrically comes from what she is going through at the time: heartbreak, sadness and moving from California back to the Midwest. Coming back to the Largo was quite nostalgic for Lissie, as she had played the venue almost a decade ago. As she performed, she reflected on her life’s path, being thankful for the journey.

Lissie is known for doing amazing covers of songs by Metallica, Lady Gaga, Drake and Prince. She performed amazing renditions of the Dixie Chicks' song “Cowboy Take Me Away” and a Stevie Nicks tune. Not being behind the guitar and having the piano accompaniment gives Lissie the space to showcase the size and range of her beautiful voice. Being free to roam the stage also allows fans to be drawn into the story and go through the emotions with her. 

You can catch Lissie May 3rd again at Largo at The Coronet! Be sure to check out the new album, as well, available on all digital outlets.

Article photo by Bill Reynolds; cover photo by Finn Deen-Lester

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Roots of Creation talks BeachLife Fest & beyond | Top Shelf Reggae

East coast jam band Roots of Creation has been hitting the road hard for some time now, accumulating quite a following for their unique take on the reggae-rock movement. After gaining critical success with their Grateful Dead tribute album Grateful Dub, RoC is about to perform alongside Dead frontman Bob Weir this weekend — on the same stage, no less! Talk about a bucketlist accomplishment. With this feat on the horizon, RoC band members had a moment to chat with Top Shelf Music about the upcoming weekend and more while on the road to Redondo's BeachLife Festival.

With the wild success of Livin Free in 2016 and your most recent Grateful Dub album, is there any new release on the horizon that the Billboard charts and fans should ready themselves for?

  • Brett Wilson (Vocals/Guitar): We just dropped a brand new single “Wake Up” (feat. Billy Kottage of Reel Big Fish and The Interrupters) on March 22nd! Look for an acoustic and remix version dropping in the next couple months. We also have a new mostly instrumental album tentatively scheduled to drop on September 21st titled Dub Free or Die Vol. #1. In addition to those projects, we are working on pre-production of Grateful Dub, Vol. #2 and a currently untitled full-length album of original material.

Speaking of Grateful Dub, your reggae tribute album to Grateful Dead classics, how has it been performing your Dead versions night after night on the road for the past few years?

  • Tal (Keyboards): It's been a lot of fun, because a lot of the songs have continued to evolve as far as how we play them live and because we've been continuing to add more of the Dead's songs to our set over time. We really like figuring out how to re-interpret their music in our style. One great example is “They Love Each Other”, which has turned into a rockin' crowd sing-along at our shows. It's so much fun to hear everyone singing along, “Lord, you can see it's true”!

Are you continuing to play this Dead set through your summer tour? 

  • Tal: Yep, we always drop a few Dead songs into our sets now, but a few shows will be even more focused on the Grateful Dub music. The music has become a part of our sound, so it's hard to imagine playing a show without some Dead tunes.

With all this tribute love, how are you feeling about performing on the same stage on the same day as Bob Weir?

  • Brett: We are sooooo stoked to share the stage with Bobby. He's the total package: guitarist, songwriter and singer. My favorite part of his playing is that he almost jams like a piano or keyboardist — flowing effortlessly. I'm epecially excited to see him jam live for our boys Slightly Stoopid's acoustic roots set. I watched them perform the set at their event in Mexico — Closer To the Sun — and it was super tight. One of my musical highlights of the trip. It's an iconic and influential album for this genre. The Live at TRI stuff with Bobby is sick. I haven't seen Bobby with his new band, The Wolf Brothers, although I did get treated to the duo tour in Boston a little while back with Jon Phillips of Silverback Music right when Grateful Dub was dropping. It felt like we were just watching them jam in their living room. Super loose and fun. Fingers crossed Stoopid and Bruce hop up with Bobby for a super jam party that I might need to crash with my axe!

So, what's next for Roots of Creation?

  • Tal: Shows, shows, shows! We have a headlining tour and festivals all summer long, all across the U.S. It's our favorite time of the year to be on the road and we can't wait to be out there seeing all of the RoC fam and friends — and making new ones!

If there was one message you wish to broadcast to your fans, what would it be?

  • Andrew (Sax): I like to think that our music speaks of positivity, love and having a good time. We have been described as a “true rock show, cleverly disguised as a reggae dance bash”. We like to put an uplifting message into our music, even if the message is given with intensity. Whether singing about a party, our current state of affairs or about good vibes, we try to stay fun and conscious with our music at the same time.

Catch the Roots of Creation boys this Friday at BeachLife in person or tune into the Top Shelf Music live stream on the site! For more information on the band or to hear Roots of Creation's latest single, follow the links below.

Purchase or stream “Wake Up” single (feat. Billy Kottage):

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Cover photos by Josh Coffman

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Reggae Rise Up Florida 2019: Day Three | Top Shelf Reggae

The last and final installment of Reggae Rise Up Florida 2019 suitably landed like a merry leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day. Not only was every festival attendee sporting some form of the color green, but the elaborate costumes and accessories were added to the day in such cool ways. Honey Hounds opened up Day Three on the SMKFLWR stage and stopped me dead in my tracks. Simply said, they're not what I expected, but I loved what I got. Tribe Of I was up first to start the big show on the main Rise Up stage. Never being able to catch them live, I sat back and jammed to this very eclectic and interesting group of guys. Tribe Of I is best consumed LIVE. They killed it for the record. Jah 9 was a welcome distraction from anything that was taking you from living in the moment day three. She easily broke the mold with this mix.

Two huge performances were a major weekend highlight…

Making not just a splash but a tidal wave, Bumpin Uglies hit us with it back at the giant Rise Up Stage. It was incredible to see the efforts of a group of savage workaholics finally come to light on such a big platform. #UgliesNation, all day. The SMKFLWR stage showcased Shwayze next, who brought the ‘spring break college kid' out in me and I loved every second. Like I stated in my very detailed three-day RRUF19 review, he added his signature “Corona & Lime” summer style to the day and the Sunshine State was prepared. Great energy.

Fortunate Youth brought everything along with them, including the kitchen sink. The band's festive holiday spirit spurred even more growth to the main stage. Fortunate Youth is one of my favorite bands, as well group of humans. I have yet to see a bad performance from these brothers and I don’t plan on it. Two huge performances were a major weekend highlight: both Iya Terra & Trevor Hall brought forth thought-provoking lyrics and the most soothing of sounds musically. Iya hit the SMKFLWR stage first, not leaving much for Hall who closed down that stage.

At this point, we made our way back to the main stage just in time for Tribal Seeds. When I think of RRUF, I think of Tribal Seeds and Steel Pulse. Like a fine tuned instrument, with all of its pieces arranged just so, TS is audio, visual and interactive. Never a bad set. Sadly, I had to leave and head home at this point, missing Rebelution’s headlining performance. Walking to the car, I caught the first three or four songs. Alone, yet still in the company of a billion stars, I realized I didn’t miss the performance at all. Reggae Rise Up is a life we live for three full days, but that we re-live all the time. Thanks for the memories — Class of 19’! Be sure to lock in your Reggae Rise Up Utah tickets, on sale now!

Photography by Jay Cohen

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Austin City Limits 2019 announced | Top Shelf Reggae

Now that Coachella weekends one and two have passed, it's time to fast forward to fall — fall in Texas, specifically. There are some bucketlist fests on everyone's radar and Austin City Limits (ACL) continues to reign supreme (next to Bonneroo and Lolla, of course). ACL might not be as old as its aforementioned predecessors, yet has quickly earned its spot at the top. Last year boasted Paul McCartney headlining, no less! How can you beat a Beatle?! Fans of the fest (and festivals in general) have pondered that question relentlessly, waiting with baited breath what ACL 2019 may bring. Well, the big announcement is here and, believe us, no one is disappointed with the news.

It's utterly ingenious how ACL fits this much talent into two weekends year after year.

For weeks leading up to this momentous day, the ACL crew blew up social media by throwing out lineup sneak peaks… if you could actually see them, that is. Remember those Magic Eye pictures we used to stare at as kids? The ones that if you crossed your eyes just right, you would see a 3-D image or message pop-out? Well, ACL started leaking the lineup one autostereogram at a time, making everyone feel like the poor bastard that failed to see the sailboat in the movie Mall Rats. Some great guesses were had; some great Photoshops made it a lot easier. See for yourself (or not):

Good thing our parents lied to us about our face staying that way. With eyeballs uncrossed, ACL lovers got to view the whole rundown as of yesterday, coinciding with weekend passes going on sale. What nobody saw coming was the amount of diversity in the A-list headlining acts ACL puts together oh so well. Guns N' Roses, complete with Slash back in the band, is listed next to Mumford & Sons, Childish Gambino, The Cure, Billie Eilish and Tame Impala, with weekend one Cardi B cycling out for Robyn weekend two. Cue everyone's minds exploding. The Cure??!? Is this real life??

Despite Gambino, Tame and Eilish heading up Coachella 2019, ACL hosts an entirely alternate list of supporting acts. Hence, a completely novel experience. Among the direct support acts are guitar legend Gary Clark Jr., hip hop queen Lizzo, country pop princess Kacey Musgraves and Jack White's rockin' side project, The Raconteurs. The jaw-dropping list goes on and on, covering two full weekends of music and including the likes of Thom Yorke Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, James Blake, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi Vert, King Princess, Tyler Childers, Third Eye Blind, Kali Uchis, Rosália, Lauren Daigle, Rebelution, Griz, RL Grime, Hippie Sabotage, K. Flay, Judah and the Lion, The Kooks, Oliver Tree, Koffee, The Aces and a landslide more. It's utterly ingenious how ACL fits this much talent into two weekends year after year.

So, who's ready to head to Austin this October? Weekend one is scheduled at Zilker Park October 4th-6th, with weekend two landing October 11th-13th. After tickets went on sale yesterday, weekend one GA sold out within minutes. VIP packages are still available, as well as weekend two general admission (at least for now). Remember while attending ACL that the fest strives to make a positive environmental impact, so be mindful as you bask in its musical history in the making. For more information or to lock down your chance to get in on the action this fall, visit www.aclfest.com.

ACL Friday Weekend One 2018 official after-movie:

Official ACL 2019 Playlist:

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A talk with BeachLife band Tomorrows Bad Seeds | Top Shelf Reggae

The turnover rate for bands in the reggae-rock scene is unfortunate. Over the past few decades since the genre got popularized, bands have risen to the tippy top (cough, Stoopid, Reb) as others dissipated faster than vape smoke, rendering themseles a minor blip on the reggae-rock radar. RIP to all those fallen soldiers. You did your best. What's worse is the fact that some bands have withstood the test of time, paid their dues and have yet to receive the attention and accreditation they deserve. Tomorrows Bad Seeds is one of these severely underrated bands. Back in the early 2010s, TBS was unavoidable — and justly so! They were one of the first bands to stake claim in the southern California scene, paving the way for so many to follow. Fast-forward another eight years and TBS remains on the 2019 ballot, shifting from headlining spots to opening to somewhere in the middle and back again. What's important isn't the stature; it's that with all the twists and turns, the band never threw in the towel. Goonies never say die (and, apparently, Bad Seeds never surrender).

BeachLife is proud to host Tomorrows Bad Seeds alongside the biggest SoCal music names!

Being born and raised in LA beach areas, TBS is a prime candidate for Redondo Beach's premiere BeachLife Festival going down May 3rd-5th right on the water. Celebrating California culture from the beginning of surf and acid rock to today's eclectic beach vibes, BeachLife is proud to host Tomorrows Bad Seeds alongside the biggest SoCal music names! Is this the big break TBS has waited so patiently for all these years? Perhaps. But, if it's not, the TBS boys aren't sweating it. They will always have more tricks up their sleeve. Lead singer Moi Juarez affirms this agenda in a recent chat with Top Shelf Music, commenting on what it means to be a Bad Seed and beyond.

You guys have been a band for almost two decades now. How did you guys originate and has their been a shift in the meaning of being a 'Bad Seed' since?

  • Almost two decades, yeah! The idea of Tomorrows Bad Seeds though is as old as 1996. The initial start wasn't by me at all; it was by a couple graffiti artists from the neighborhood that Mets was involved with back in '96. I knew them, too. We all hung out, we all surfed together and had mutual friends. But, the idea of being a band started forming in 2001 and kind of solidified in 2003.
  • Back then, and it's still kind of the same, the 'Bad Seed' is the statistic that you're not supposed to make it. Coming from broken homes or bad situations… A seed's got to grow and a seed will grow in concrete.

So, how have you grown?

  • We've definitely matured. We definitely don't feel that we're Tomorrows Bad Seeds anymore; we're Today's Bad Seeds. Our songs will kind of say it, but we preach the deeper things in life.

TRUTH. Speaking of maturity, you guys have had a couple hiatuses over the years. How does it feel to be back together again, both touring and making music?

  • We never really stopped. We've had little road blocks. Some may call it 'hiatuses', but we were still playing locally a lot… doing little underground shows, some backyard parties and playing acoustic — I know I was for sure the entire time! But, [TBS is] this ongoing thing that's never going to stop. We may not be at the forefront of the limelight all the time, but it's a way of life and something we just continue to do. Live off the magic of creation.

Absolutely, #BadSeedMomentum. Along these lines, you guys still partake in side projects, too! You had your Life band. Is that still going?

  • Life will never be again. Life wasn't really my idea; it was Sean Chapman's idea. It was actually Mets' idea as far as the name, but the idea of switching things over and changing it up, that was someone else's idea. We didn't want to go against the grain type of shit back then. But, there are a couple cover bands I fuck with. And, I just like to jam with people! If you like to make music, we can make music one day together.

Is that why half your band right now makes up Bret Bollinger's Bad Habits?

Right?!? I finally put that together. It took me almost a year to be like, “OH. I get it… It's the Bad Seeds. DUH.” But, you are also known to perform with a bunch of other players. Sometimes HIRIE's Conga Kurty joins you guys. Can you comment on your communal band vibe?

  • I've always wanted it that way since the beginning. But, in the beginning, we had someone else running our shit and keeping it tight… not allowing that kind of stuff to happen. But, with me, I'm such a collaborative person and I like that. I vibe off of other people's energy. The well runs dry sometimes when you're trying to create and make things tangible in your music. I pull from anyone who's willing to open their energy. That's how I work when it comes to creating my part of the art.
  • Conga Kurty is one of those people, too! We've been blessed these last couple years to share the stage with a lot of people playing our music and seeing what energy and vibe it brings to the stage at that point. Like, right now, we're a four-piece. And, we're going to remain a four-piece for a little while. Dre's not even in the band right now: it's just me, Matt (Mets), Pat and Shag our keyboard player. He's playing key-bass and got triple duty — you've got to see it! In my opinion, and in others' too, our band is the best it's ever been as far as musically. 

You guys are scrappy how you can still tour together. And, you are on tour right now! Your Vibin' High Tour is curtailing, ending at Redondo Beach's BeachLife Festival on May 4th. How has this experience been?

  • Life's good! You know, we've done these kind of tours plenty of times in our life and the main reason we do it is to get out there and show that we're still truckin'. Like you said, the momentum is still there and we're not going anywhere. We'd like to get on bigger tours, obviously, but that's not happening. So, we have to get out there on our own and showcase what we've got going on. This is the first time that we've really gotten a full ride at four people and it's a lot easier in the van, with camaraderie.

Ah, man. Poor Dre.

  • No, I love Dre! I love Dre to death, but he made his choice, you know? One day, maybe we will play again together, but right now, we kind of like what we have going on.

Touching on growing and big shows — BeachLife. You guys have a sweet Saturday evening spot alongside Jason Mraz and The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson. Are you stoked??

  • I am super stoked! We are really excited. I'm not going to lie, I wish we were playing the Steel Pulse and Slightly Stoopid stage… but, hey, it's all good! It's going to be awesome and right in our backyard. Those are the kind of things that are bucketlist for us.

And, it doesn't end there. You guys have yet another tour planned through June, right?

  • Yeah. We have another local show that we can't talk about publicly until after BeachLife. It's a big show. And, then we have another one after that and we can't talk about that one until after the first one happens either. We have three pretty big local things — you know, community things — and we're trying to plan a fucking sick backyard boogie that's at a badass house somewhere down by the beach where we live. Do it old-school style. Get a couple kegs.

You're talking Hermosa Beach?

  • Hermosa, LB, Redondo, Manhattan, Marina Del Rey, Venice… anywhere along the southern California beach. We'll do a couple [shows] at the beach, then we'll do a couple in the ghetto. Carson. San Pedro.

Then, after these three underground cannot-be-talked-about-yet epic shows happen, THEN you're going through June on tour.

  • That will kind of be in between, but yeah. The same timeline with Long Beach Dubs — it's gonna be sick!

After the success of your Illuminate album last year, does your ongoing tour schedule indicate new music's coming out?

  • We've got new music right now. I was hoping to have some stuff released… maybe a single will be released, for sure, but things are getting slowed down since we picked up more shows. That's what always happens, you know? You've got to pick and choose wisely. We want to play shows, too! We're going to take our time putting out this next record. So, yes, we are going to be putting out new music, to answer your question. It is a guaranteed. New music will always be coming out of us. And, I'm glad that you like the new record! We've spent some good time on that, too. I'm proud of it, but we've got to keep the ball rollin'. 

Illuminate… that's such a great title. You're shining the light on your latest side, obviously, illuminating the path that you guys have taken. What does 'Illuminate' mean to you?

  • I'll be real… when it comes to a lot of these things, Mets is the creator. 'Illuminate' — that was his idea. The band Life; when we did that, he came up with the name. All the albums that have been named, Mets comes up with that. All the artwork: it's all definitely approved by me too, but I am nothing to him when it comes to that. What I can tell you what it means to me, is, like what you said, it's a brand new beginning. We left the old world we were a part of and now we're embarking out on a journey to find new ground. Have a solid foundation to plant our roots and our seeds and watch them grow.
  • Because we've given a lot to the scene. The scene doesn't even recognize it that way, but we definitely have. A lot of people have come up through us and we've all toured together and helped each other in lots of ways. But, that was the old team that was a part of Tomorrows Bad Seeds. That team is no longer and, now, we're more independent than ever. We want to be humble and be thankful for being able to do it for so long and I hope for another 20-30 years.

So, what seeds are you planting for the future now, metaphorically… or literally? Do you own a garden?

  • I do! We mess around with that, too. Mets, especially, messes around with that stuff. But, we want to plant seeds of togetherness and acceptance of common interests. Love songs are great and all that stuff, but music's meant to have a message. Keep it real. Have some real shit about what's really going on with the world, too. Like Mets would say, it's a new saying we're coining. For a while, we were using 'all love, all ways' in every direction. But, now we're saying 'life is the mission, love is the message'. We're humbling ourselves. We're PunkRastas. We come from Los Angeles, the beach side of Los Angeles. We're just trying to show our side of it: how we cope with daily life and showing the real struggles of where we come from… mixed alongside the beauty of love and all that happy stuff. But, we can't forget, like I said, what music is meant for. It's meant to have a message.

Do you have anything else to add to fans reading this, both new and OG?

  • Yes! Please visit our website at www.labadseeds.com although we're most active on our Instagram. We try to answer everything. We have new music coming and a merch store online. Thanks so much and see you at BeachLife!

Band links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Cover photo by Sydney Bartfield 

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Skip Marley drops “That’s Not True” single, feat. Damian Marley | Top Shelf Reggae

Jamaican born and Miami raised Skip Marley has done it again! In a follow up to his inspirational single “Lion”, Skip Marley has released his seventh single, “That’s Not True”. The uniquely talented grandson of Bob Marley and son of Cedella Marley carries on his grandfather’s message of loving one another and people living together in peace and unity. With music being in his blood, Skip taught himself to play drums, guitar, piano and bass. He spent his early years touring with his mom, aunts and uncles, notably Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers. After becoming the first Marley to break the Top 10 charts by singing a verse on Katy Perry’s hit single “Chained to the Rhythm”, Skip continues to make music his way — fearlessly.

Much like his grandfather, Skip is not afraid of addressing the state of our world…

Uncle Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley assisted Skip, Cydel Young and William Larsen in penning the deep lyrics to his latest single, “That’s Not True.” Much like his grandfather, Skip is not afraid of addressing the state of our world, with lyrics like “better you build a bridge then instead of you build a wall”. Carried by the familiar Marley rasp, Skip further reminds us “better to love and lost than to never have loved at all”. The song further carries his personal message of peace and unity, and how the present is always better than our past. Deep, resounding and profound lyrics for the younger Marley on this one. Uncle “Jr. Gong” is back again to lend his smooth rap-reggae vocals to the track, blending perfectly with Skip's individual style that combines genres. The final product creates a reggae fusion sound. The songs blend of styles and catchy chorus makes you want to dance and groove along, something probably spectacular live!

While touring with his family and playing instruments growing up, Skip never sang in public until he was 14 years old and Uncle Stephen pushed him out onstage to sing his grandfather’s song, “One Love”. Since then, he has toured with uncles Damian and Stephen on their Catch A Fire Tour and has been a repeat performer at Kaya Fest, last year in San Bernardino and this year back in Miami. With solid performances, Skip leaves the crowds beyond impressed and wanting more. He also performed with Katy Perry at the GRAMMY’s, bringing more attention to the talented young Marley.

The single can be found on all digital outlets, including the links below. As Skip continues to make music with a message, be on the lookout for his upcoming collaboration with Major Lazer to be released soon. Be sure to keep up with this highly talented, young prodigy and voice of the next generation! Skip and his cousins are always in the studio jamming together, much like their parents. So, you don’t want to miss out on what’s coming next!

Purchase or stream “That's Not True” single, feat. Damian “Jr Gong” Marley:

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Reggae Rise Up Florida 2019: Day Two | Top Shelf Reggae

Artikal Sound System started Reggae Rise Up Florida Day Two Saturday, March 16th. They had the most vibrantly colorful, artistic energy and were full of intrigue. The tribe has a very distinct look, sound and approach. Next up on the same SMKFLWR stage was Serenation was serving up some sauce. The Florida natives were far from headliners, but you couldn't tell between the band's stage presence, energy and crowd interaction The crowd enjoyed backflips off an eight-foot onstage amp and crowd surfing from one side of the stage straight across to the other. You mustn’t forget their faithful fans who showed up to support them fiercely. First performance of Day Two on the main Rise Up Stage was Sarasota natives, Summer Survivors, who served up an addictive and crowd-pleasing set with a new lineup. Best yet, if I might add. Catch all three of these Florida local bands at one of the many shows they play weekly!

Day Two was a a complete success and we still had one more to go!

Through The Roots out of San Diego brought the sunny Cali vibes back to the SMKFLWR stage next. I hadn’t seen them in a year and, with a few tweaks, they sounded better than ever. HIRIE hit the Rise Up Stage like a hurricane. She came with intention, honesty and raw personal experience. Queen HIRIE, otherwise known as Patricia Jetton, is the frontwoman of an all-guy group. The music men who have her back are some of the best musicians alive. Just my opinion, but I’m sure some of you would agree.

Up next, fan favorites The Movement threw everything they at the vast assembled crowd. This performance was one for the books. Some old songs, some new songs, but always incredible. Back at the SMKFLWR stage, J Boog and his crazy talented band entered out to a maxed out crowd. All in attendance were fully ready to sing along and sway with the band's island vibrations. Ziggy Marley set the tone for the remainder of the night, as the sky went from golden to navy blue. Method Man & Redman were last up on the SMKFLWR stage for Day Two; myself and the crowd of a few thousand had our minds blown. The duo ran back and forth amping up the crowd with some savage energy. They smoked fatties that fans passed around, threw water all over the crowd and the camera clad photo pit — basically doing whatever they wanted. It was a blast. They made it a point to bring us back to 90’s hip hop and did multiple Wu tributes, as well as an ODB tribute. Unforgettable duo to watch.

Last up, the one and only Slightly Stoopid hit the Rise Up Stage to a crowd that never ended. They played a set that had everything a Stoopid fan could ask for. It’s not just the music these guys make; it’s the connections they have with their fans, the amount of work the do with countless children’s charities and the love they bring with them. I salute you Stoopid. Another long, yet completely worthwhile day ended with a friend walking me to the Airbnb. I barely made it up the three flights of stairs, with my legs feeling anchored down from all the running around. I hit the pillows and was out in seconds. Day Two was a a complete success and we still had one more to go!

Photography by Jay Cohen

Source: https://topshelfreggae.com/gallery/reggae-rise-up-florida-2019-day-two

Superorganism at San Diego’s Music Box | Top Shelf Reggae

Tuesday night following an almighty Coachella, 420 and Easter weekend can render a lot of people of out commission, especially in southern California. All that said, San Diego Superorganism fans weren't about the hibernation, rolling into The Music Box in droves to attend the most tripped out band on the scene aside from The Flaming Lips. Sure, Superorganism just performed Coachella two weekends in a row, a feat that rapping opener Simpson recounted in full detail. Apparently, mushrooms were had to Tame Impala and the story that unfolded had everyone in the venue in stitches laughing so hard.

It was rumored the visuals were brand new that night, making it the first Superorganism show of its kind!

Simpson, alongside her trusty emcee side kick DJ Olive, is part female hip hop artist, part unintentional comedian. That girl got jokes! One song, “Switch Lanes”, came with a choreographed dance in which the entire audience obliged. The view from onstage must've been nice since Simpson asked the crowd afterward if she could do it again. Round two was even more entertaining to watch.

Thanking the crowd and exiting the stage, Simpson gave way for Superorganism to close the night down. Techs scurried around the stage, placing tamborines with long streamers cascading to the floor and round glowing orbs beside three backup vocal mics. A large revolving earth orbited endlessly on the screen behind the instruments as concertgoers dispersed for brief beverage refills. It was rumored the visuals were brand new that night, making it the first Superorganism show of its kind! And, the visuals… let's just say acid can't do better.

With mist floating against green lighting, Superorganism members took the stage shrouded in sparkly capes. Lead singer Orono Noguchi came out caped, nonchalantly launching into “SPRORGNSM” (for that's what everybody wants to be). The bass of each track rocked the rafters above with VIP loungers lining the ropes to join the party below. Hands in the air, the crowd freaked and frolicked about, grooving to the psychedelic essence of that signature Superorganism alien trance. Playing their entire debut album and their latest from The Lego Movie, Superorganism blew everyone's mind, ending, naturally, with their “Something For Your M.I.N.D” megahit. Until we vibe again, Superorganism.

Photography by Kristy Rose

Source: https://topshelfreggae.com/gallery/superorganism-at-san-diegos-music-box